The discovery of an unknown extraterrestrial substance on the International Space Station threatens to change the future of humanity.

It's June 9th 2016-

I see a post for a film contest I simply can't ignore. A short film contest that not only allows for use of NASA footage, requires it! Oh, em, gee. And it can be any genre, so horror sci fi NASA things start swimming in my head of course. 

I am JUST about to go into pre-production on a massive feature film project involving special makeup effects, special prop fabrication, costume design and makeup and hair design and our studio Monster Makeup FX had several mask and  short film clients to finish projects for before that happened, so time was REALLY short.

So thinking I would just put it out there and see who might be interested and be able to let it go more easily when I get a bunch of "sorry, busy" responses, I posted a feeler onto Facebook. I was shocked to have gotten over 30 responses and a solid team of 6 by NOON (less than 4 hours later). Most importantly, we had a WRITER. I threw out some basic ideas and she ran with it and we had the first draft within two days, and it tweaked and nearly final within about a week. Whoa, this was actually happening!

We very few, mostly woman, did everything. Primary team members began with Shannon Smith and Fanci Bernt, my students and interns, Sara Hunter and Brittany Beyer were also on board for prep. We gratefully tore down several flats from a feature film we had just finished, managed to get them into the choice (free) location which was Shannon and Kathy's garage. We got our cast, tested some cool makeup tricks for the film. Ordered some shirts and graphic items and scoured our studio for anything "science-y" to use as set design. We finally found our camera person and editor Noah Mittman, and set our dates. 

We only had one of our actors for one day, and we had to shoot 2-3 looks per actor for the shoot. No time, no money. Here we go!

We shot the film in two days, and had two of the best local post folks, Mike Henderson with Plan 9 Studios for sound and Scott Unruh for visual effects, color and editing polish. I am particularly happy with the 6 minutes I was able to trim out to fit the contests requirements as I always have said most filmmakers should cut the length of their films to satisfy the audience but are unwilling to chop their babies up. I am. And feel it is better for it. 

The trailer is nearly done. And we look forward to entering this baby into some film festivals, so keep an eye out for EARTHRISE.

By "Monster" Midian Crosby

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