• Realistic simulation of injuries and/or fatalities (also called moulage) enhances training  safety education by activating the sympathetic nervous system and stress responses in trainees, providing a more realistic, more memorable training experience. 
  • Our special effects artists can even apply injury simulation FX makeups to your team, personnel, students, family members, etc. so that safety trainees can confront and train for the stress/emotional impact of what may be witnessed during an active-shooter or other injury emergency; as well as how to respond.
  • Knowing what to do and preparing for what you may see during an active-shooter event or other injury emergency may save the precious seconds that could save yours or someone else’s life.


Ultra-high quality reproduction of human anatomical structures, including simulation of injuries and casualties (called moulage), forms the basis for almost every Monster Makeup FX project.

What makes our active-shooter training simulations different from your average emergency drill is that Monster Makeup FX uses Hollywood-quality practical special FX and special effects makeup to bring an unparalleled level of realism to your active-shooter training or education scenario.

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Although a significant number of gunshot wounds are often sustained in an active shooter event, many types of other injuries are also inflicted upon almost anyone who happens to be in the vicinity. Injuries also occur every day in almost every field or profession that you can think of. Realistic injury simulation of all kinds, including active-shooter safety training, can be an invaluable training resource that can drive home the point of your safety training program like nothing you've ever seen before.

Monster Makeup FX uses over a decade of special effects and special FX makeup experience to create a wide range of simulated injuries to make your active shooter and emergency injury safety training scenario as real as possible.

Our assistant David Henderson is wearing our Monster Makeup FX™ Pneumatic Bullet-Hit Rig (or Squib) for a demonstration of a center-mass body shot (being shot from behind) using, approximately, a hunting rifle.

Monster Makeup FX utilized our compressed air bullet-hit rigs during filming for the independent production "Assassin's Code" from Tri-M Entertainment. With these particular bullet hit rigs, they can be fired remotely by the FX team or triggered by the actor using a concealed switch.

Monster Makeup FX has provided injury and casualty simulation special effects makeup on many active-shooter training simulations with agencies like the United States Department of Homeland Security, Colorado SWAT teams, and other state and federal law enforcement organizations.